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  • Whether you are talking horizontal, vertical, inside or outside the box, up market or down market there is simply no better marketing/sales mind in America than Tom Bligh. Tom has read all the books, studied all the theories and been in the trenches making real time decisions that impact the bottom line. Tom has great instincts for his profession, he has mastered the art and science of marketing and uses his natural ability to be out front analyzing trends and opportunities. Complimenting his skills as a cutting-edge marketing strategist Tom's diligence as a student of networking, bringing top talent together to produce exceptional results. 

Chris Landa Owner Landa Financial

    Tom Bligh is very passionate about customers and his engaging personality quickly fills a room w

  • Tom Bligh is very passionate about customers and his engaging personality quickly fills a room with energy and enthusiasm. His presentation style captures the audiences’ attention while he shares common sense messages about something, we all have in common, Customers. In an age of speed and social media, his thought process, experience, and insights bring you back to the fundamentals and importance of “customer relationships” as one of the cornerstones for success in creating and retaining revenue. It really doesn’t matter what business you are in; his key points will resonate with you and your Team. Highly recommended 

Terry Moreman Executive Director Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce

About Bligh Consulting LLC


Experience To Help Create Team Value

“Tom's quick ability to size up problems and issues, place the operational requirements within strategic boundaries and bring the focus on the right priorities as well as get them executed is made possible by his extensive, broad and deep experience in multiple facets of marketing, sales and service. He operates with an incredible sense of trust and engages people to not only solve issues at hand but have pride in completing the work.” Craig Buxton CEO Cleanse All  


Working Together

"I have worked with Tom both as a colleague and have hired Tom as a consultant. You could not find a more insightful, creative and knowledgeable person to help you solve your issues and grow your business. Tom provides a unique perspective that will add tremendous value to what you do in ways you will have to experience to understand. 

Former Owner of Micro Surgical Technology


Why Bligh Consulting?


A Business Advisor can be a very helpful asset, as a sounding board and a confidant, to any busy Executive. In my experience, it's all about the people connection and chemistry based on a high level of Trust and Confidence. This allows for open and honest discussions on issues and ideas. If you are looking for an experienced executive to be of service to You and/or Your organization, kindly let me know and let's have a cup of coffee. 

What People Say


The principles and concepts Tom Bligh talks about in his presentation So What’s Your Customer Think? are extremely relevant and right on the mark regardless of what business you are in. His passion and enthusiasm for customers is obvious, and his presentation style is uplifting, informative, and entertaining. As the former Chairman, President & CEO of GLY Construction, I found Tom’s focus and “key messages “to be refreshing and a great reminder to anyone concerned about their revenue. The customer principles and spirit of his presentation are parallel to those that we put into practice and grew our construction business from one million to five hundred million in revenue. If your organization needs a “wake up call”, or reminder about “what’s important”, I highly recommend you contact him.

Frank. Young, Jr. Chairman, President & CEO Emeritus G>L>Y Construction


It's rare to find a true leader. If you are lucky enough to have met Tom Bligh, you've found one. So many people in leadership positions think that being a leader simply means "getting other people to do things." Tom knows the truth of it; that real leadership means turning vision into reality, getting involved with people, really listening to them and mentoring them in such a way that they will give discretionary effort of their own free will for the sake of the team and the company. Being strategic enough to see the big picture is just a part of being a leader; acting on that strategy, communicating it and bringing a whole team to reach stellar results is on a whole different level - that's what Tom brings to the scene. He's a think-tank, with a razor-sharp creative mind that will consistently bring extraordinary results to any project. And did I mention what a genuinely nice person he is? Meet him and be energized by his humanity, humor and care. You'll be glad you did. Amy Biggs Director at Snoqualmie Valley Travel