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Who is Tom Bligh?

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Trusted Advisor

As a Trusted Advisor I bring knowledge, experience, non-linear creative thinking, and strong facilitation skills to help enhance your Team’s ability to “jump-start” and integrate those key customer initiatives that will help your company better Focus on Customers and become more competitive.

My work is primarily focused on helping organizations “think differently” about how they connect or re-connect with their customers, both internally and externally. I am passionate about sharing my experiences helping companies implement impactful customer centric frameworks. I do so through my motivational speaking, facilitation, and advisory services that offer common sense solutions and practical ideas to help Acquire, Grow, and Retain Customers for Life.

My ability to bring out the best in people starts by creating a positive atmosphere built on trust and confidence. 

My trademark style is a blend of “wisdom & wit” which creates an atmosphere that instills confidence and open dialogue. Utilizing discovery questions enables people to sharpen their thinking and challenge their assumptions. 


Motivational Speaker

So What Does Your Customer Think?" If you don't think customers are the most important part of your business try living without them for 30 days" I said this, as a guest speaker, at a large conference on Strategy. My quote has followed me for years. It is on my business card and is the underlining theme for all my presentations. I customize my presentation: to a client’s needs and requirements.   

A 50-word synopsis: A great bottom line starts with the creation of a healthy sales revenue line. Companies that consistently win build their business around their customer's business. Understanding what your “Customer Thinks” will help your organization to better focus on "What Matters" to them; such as perspective, relationships, the sales team, communications etc.


" I think your messages are right serve is to live and prosper as a business" Alan Mulally President & CEO,

 Ford Motor Company "

“Tom's examples of customer driven action, tied to high level principles were inspiring and educational.” 

Lorne Rubis President and CEO Ryzex ,


Approach to Working Together

Business, as in life, is all about people and building relationships. My work as an Advisor and/or Speaker has always starts with a clear understanding of what problem(s) need to be solved. To guide this initial conversation, I created a simple one page visual, called PULSE, which is an acronym, that outlines my common-sense approach.

Without a pulse, there is no life. This is true whether you are speaking about a human life or the life of an organization. Customers, which is just another word for revenue, are the PULSE and blood flow for any organization.

My value, based on my 40+ years of operating experience, is the ability to share creative ideas and insights that have successfully helped organizations Attract, Grow, and Retain Customers.

Helping Organizations Win


It is my distinct pleasure to offer my recommendation for Tom Bligh as a professional speaker, business consultant, advisor, and/or mentor. I have had the pleasure of working with Tom at two different client companies he was associated with during the past thirteen years. Tom without question is the most creative out- of- the- box business thinker I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

Tom’s message offers real motivation regardless of the level of his audience. Whether it is company employees or senior level executives, he helps create the desire to do a better job for the customer. He provides his audience with ideas, principals, and techniques that can be immediately applied in their everyday world to become better and accomplish their individual goals.

As the former President and Chairman of Sales and Marketing Executives International, I had the opportunity of working with dozens of internationally known professional speakers during my thirty plus years of leadership. I can tell you without question that Tom Bligh is one of the very best.Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE, President Max Sacks International Former President and Chairman of Sales and Marketing Executives International Recipient of Sales and Marketing Executives Lifetime Achievement Award


I have had the opportunity to get to know Tom through our industry association at leadership events. Tom is a dynamic presenter, a wise strategist and a high-character individual. Tom served as Master of Ceremonies at a marketing conference where I witnessed his business insight, sharp wit, and his charisma. After Tom left Terex, I was fortunate enough to develop a relationship with Tom as a mentor to me. He has a lot of knowledge that can benefit an organization's senior leadership team and I would recommend him as a strategy consultant, event speaker and/or a leadership mentor.” David Baxter Vice President Product Strategy




Customer Compass In Motion!


Revenue comes from only one place: Customers. Focusing on your customers as the True North revenue starting point will help your Team to plan accordingly and guide your course to long term profitability. Strategic questions allow teams to move beyond what they are currently doing and challenge them to deepen their thinking about what they could be doing.  For example:


  • How do your products and/or services create value for your customers?
  • Why do customers buy from your company as opposed to your competitors?
  • Can your leadership team name your ten most profitable customers?


  • Do you have a clear vision and strategy for the future of the business?
  • How thoroughly is your strategy tied to the vision?
  • What assurance do you have that your team can clearly articulate the future direction and the plan to get there?


  • What distinguishes the winners from the losers in your market place?
  • What impact would your organization experience if your largest customer started to buy from your main competitor?
  • How would your internal and external customers explain the company’s value proposition?


  • How involved is your sales team in formulating the company’s vision and strategy?
  • Is your current marketing plan allowing the sales team to reach its full market and Customer potential?
  • How often does your senior leadership team meet with your top customers to discuss their future plans?


  • What is the top customer business issue that you need to address to insure your future growth?
  • How nimble and responsive is your organization addressing customer and competitive shifts?
  • How prepared is your organization for the next boom or down cycle?

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Testimonials … What People Say

“The evaluations have been tabulated  and I am happy to tell you that you came out as one of the top presenters of the entire program…” “Bligh was absolutely outstanding. From content to delivery provided very useful information and left everyone wanting to hear more.” Heide Krause, CMP, Director, Meetings & Education Programs Association of Equipment Manufacturers 


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 I’ve known Tom for 13 years. Tom’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and his creativity is second to none. Few people have Tom’s ability to bring clarity out of complexity and establish focused, easy-to-understand, and high-leverage marketing strategies. Unlike many sales and marketing professionals, Tom has an expert-level knowledge of Lean and how to exploit Lean operational capabilities in the marketplace. Mike Bresko

Lean Management/ Lean Healthcare

Business Transformation/ Author

Tom is one of those rare, incredibly creative clear thinkers who possesses keen observation skills, the ability to lead the deep dive evaluation processes and articulate the intangibles as well as anybody I have ever met. Tom is a keen strategist, a motivator, and immensely likeable. Tom is on our Advisory Board and I feel blessed to have such a great talent who continually demonstrates the kind of character and insight that results in productive, cohesive leadership.  Doug Woods, CEO Mobile Air Applied Science, Inc  


 Tom Bligh is a highly motivated Sr. Manager who understands how to create, implement, communicate and manage Sr. Marketing and Planning concepts / processes. Tom leads by example and focuses on results. Tom is at the forefront of strategic management concepts and can relate his talents to any size organization. Bob Vollbracht, General Manager, UPS Supply Chain

Tom is a mix of a great speaker with a skilled Executive who has been directly involved with strategy, business development and marketing in a high level. His inputs, direction and values have been key learnings for my career development and I'm glad to have had Tom as one of my role models. I highly recommend Tom for his skills as a leader, for his values as a professional and person and for his positive behavior. Andre Freire

 Managing Partner EXEC  

 I've known Tom for over 20 years and have worked with him professionally for over 12. Tom has an incredible marketing imagination and understands the importance of creating and delivering on a strong, well throughout "Value Proposition". He truly appreciates that customers come first and that customer needs change constantly. Identifying what those customer needs are and formulating win-win solutions for both suppliers and customers alike is what makes Tom a true professional and asset to his clients and colleagues. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tom again in the future. Mike Backes CEO 

Backes & Isom Group LLC