Frank N. Young, Jr.

The principles and concepts Tom Bligh talks about in his presentation So What’s Your Customer Think? are extremely relevant and right on the mark regardless of what business you are in. His passion and enthusiasm for customers is obvious, and his presentation style is uplifting, informative, and entertaining.

As the former Chairman, President & CEO of GLY Construction, I found Tom’s focus and “key messages “to be refreshing and a great reminder to anyone concerned about their revenue.  The customer principles and spirit of his presentation are parallel to those that we put into practice, and grew our construction business from one million to five hundred million in revenue.  If your organization is in need of a “wake up call”, or reminder about “what’s important”, I highly recommend you contact him.

Frank N. Young, Jr.
Chairman, President & CEO Emeritus
G>L>Y Construction
15 Lake Bellevue Dr. Ste 200
Bellevue, WA 98005-2485

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