“I think your messages are right on … to serve is to live and prosper as a business.”
Alan Mulally

President & CEO, Ford Motor Company

“Tom without question is the most creative out- of- the- box business thinker I have ever had the privilege of knowing.” [Read more…]
Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE

Max Sacks International

Former President and Chairman of Sales and Marketing Executives International
Recipient of Sales and Marketing Executives Lifetime Achievement Award

“His examples of customer driven action, tied to high level principles were inspiring and educational.” [Read more…]
Lorne Rubis
President and CEO

“I found Tom’s focus and “key messages” to be refreshing and a great reminder to anyone concerned about their revenue.” [Read more…]
Frank N. Young, Jr.
Chairman, President & CEO Emeritus
G>L>Y Construction

“In an age of speed and social media, his thought process, experience, and insights bring you back to the fundamentals and importance of “customer relationships” as one of the cornerstones for success in creating and retaining revenue.” [Read more…]
Terry Moreman
Executive Director
Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce

“Being around Tom Bligh means constantly learning new things; an idea, a concept, a creative approach for solving a problem or stepping up to an opportunity in very clear terms.” [Read more…]
William J. Haslebacher
Co-Founder, EVP, CTO

“Tom is one of those very rare individuals that contribute the intangible difference that raises a team’s performance from good to champion.” [Read more…]
H. Douglas Woods
President & CEO

“Bligh was absolutly outstanding. From content to delivery, he provided very useful information and left everyone wanting to hear more.” [Read more…]
Heide Krause, CMP
Director, Meetings & Education Programs
Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)

“The evaluations have been tabulated and I am happy to tell you that you came out as one of the top presenters of the entire program…” [Read more…]
Helen K. Horner
Meetings & Education Programs Coordinator
Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)

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